y tu de donde eres?

Mamá’s purple velvet robed lap

pink hairbrush wrapped in brown knuckles,

knees hugged close to prevent escape.

Friday night bingo:

second-story, two bedroom apartment

brimming with cousins, aunts, uncles.

nickels, dimes and quarters clink in plastic containers.

Milwaukee’s best in diamond etched glasses,

except for the men, they didn’t need glasses.

Grandchildren reign free over three stories:

Tia’s upstairs, “Tia’s” downstairs.

once, we let Billy play father

He took off his belt and swatted us all.

Little “Billy Boy!”

crashed Mami’s Maxima at 3

smiled from driver’s side

“See , told ya I could drive!”

Marisela, Pimpinela,La Lupe, Cocoband and Sandro

blasting during Saturday morning cleanin’ sessions.

Heineken, Johnny, Courvoisier

sunday morning hangovers.

church in Papi’s Martinique blue 1982 t-top Firebird

with in-dash drink dispenser.

La muñeca de Mami

For church:

rabbit fur coat, pink crinoline-lined dress,

white broad-brimmed hat, lace gloves, patent leather shoes, and box purse

For Halloween:

Plaid skirted gypsy

Glitter-spotted leopard

Pillow cummerbund, painted face geisha.

I am from the nook

at the top of the stairs

where you can see unseen

as you listen ,hands clasped

to brother’s in prayer,

to your teenaged half-sister

being thrown out.

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